First of all, thanks so much for checking out our website! We're glad you're interested in seeing our work and learning more about us! 

We've been married for 10 years, 7 of them happy! (Kidding, of course.)  ;)  We have a ton of combined experience and we love doing photography together. We offer a wide range of services: weddings, couples sessions, families, events, and even fun mini sessions to grab some action shots of kids (we have a 3 year old who's active every second that he's not sleeping, so we've gotten really used to capturing kids on the move)! 

The two of us are an excellent team because we each bring different strengths to the table, but serve the same overall goal: to find something beautiful in each moment and to capture that in a stunning photograph. People always feel comfortable around us and in front of our cameras because we have a warm, friendly, and easy-going demeanor. That allows us to get real and authentic moments you'll cherish for years to come!