Had a wonderful experience with Jamie and Kelley. Such a blessing to have them as our photographers. They are warm and loving souls oozing with talent!
— Sam C., LA
Oh. My. Gosh. You guys. No words. We just looked through all the pictures. WOW! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You just captured our wedding perfectly!
— Susan F., San Diego
I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your work. You two are such a great, fun couple. My family and I couldn’t stop talking about what a great time we had and wonderful job you did!
— Carly T., Chicago
I wish Jamie and Kelley could shoot every moment for the rest of my life to match how awesome these photos are. AMAZING!
— Kari J., Indiana
Incredible shots! Great work Jamie and Kelley!
— John O., Australia
Really laughing out loud! Thank you both so much! Love them!!!
— Andrea, H., Valenia
Looking through the photos you shot and loving them so much! You two are magical!
— Cory B., New York
Wow... these are amazing and capture US completely!!!!! Thank you so much for having these ready in such good time! We love them all so much!!! Thank you, thank you!!!
— Jackie F., Sedona
Best photographers ever!!
— Steven H., Los Angeles
OMG! Love, love, love them!!!! I am obsessed with these pictures... so beautiful! Thank you again! Just perfect. You guys are amazing!
— Stephanie S., Illinois
You guys are crazy good at what you do. I’ll be recommending you to EVERYONE I know. It’s hard for me to feel comfortable around a camera, but you two made it really easy and fun. Thanks again!
— Matt L., Nebraska
AAAHHHH!!!!! Can’t believe how good these turned out!! You two have a knack for capturing humanity and making moments look magical. Absolutely stunning.
— Aaron A., California
Jamie & Kelley are very personable, fun and professional! They were so patient and understanding when we needed to take a break to feed the baby and took beautiful pictures!! We highly recommend them!!
— Claire Q., Evergreen Park
The pictures are absolutely beautiful!!!! Thank you both so much. I am in love with them!!!!!
— Sarah K., Chicago
The photos are beautiful. Thank you very much. I must admit I cried a bit seeing them (in a good way)!
— Justin B., Chicago
Can’t. Stop. LOOKING AT THEM!!!! You guys are the best! I want to remember the REAL LIFE feelings and experiences when I hang photos on my wall, and I think you two deliver that beautifully.
— Andrea R., Michigan City
— Samantha S., California
Ohhh emmmm geee! Love the photos!! Beautiful!! :) You really do fantastic work!
— Erin W., Palos Hills
The pictures are amazing!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! Thanks again for everything!
— Elissa, Matt, & Avery., Homewood
Jamie and Kelley!!!!!!! The photos are so so so so incredible! I am thrilled looking through them!! Wonderful job, you two! So many exclamation points, but I want you to know I mean it!
— Tess S-L., Israel
These are truly awesome! You two are so talented and we are grateful for you guys to take the time to make these amazing. We are so happy with them!!!
— Missy A., Starved Rock
Jamie and Kelley, these pictures are so GREAT!!!! Wow! We had a great time, and it’s really cool to see that come through in the pictures!! You guys are seriously incredible.
— Leslee and Adam, Chicago
These photos you took of our family are just unbelievable! Faith and I were definitely tearing up looking through them, ‘cause those are real memories that you captured forever, and in such a beautiful art form. Thank you so much! You guys are amazing!
— Chris B., Nashville
The photos are BEYOND perfect. Love every shot! You captured it all and we are so grateful! And your delivery - the card, the gift box..... you guys are spectacular. Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3
— Jill S., Chicago
Every single shot is great!!! There are pictures in here we didn’t even know we wanted, but now that we have them, we are forever grateful! Thanks for everything!!!
— Sarah and Lenny, Nashville